Reputation of any organization does not depend on the decoration of the building but it depends on the students what he/she learns & the way he/she represents himself/herself. If you are hard working then our faculty members will show you the way with their valuable experiences. The students will get the opportunity of learning in detail as the hugely experienced faculties from their respective sectors or industry will share their knowledge with the students.

Teaching Staffs

  • 1. Mr. Iswar Pan
  • 2. Mr. Mohit Mahata
  • 3. Mr. Saikat Sarkar
  • 4. Mr. Bibhujit Dutta
  • 5. Mr. Rajendra Nath Biswas
  • 6. Mr. Anjan Chowdhury
  • 7. Mr. Samit Kumar Pal
  • 8. Mr. Rathin Mondal

Non-Teaching Staffs

  • 1. Mr. Basudev Ghosh
  • 2. Mrs. Mitu Ghosh Pan